Questions about Corona

You would like to go on a cycling trip this year but have concerns regarding the current pandemic? The following information serves in supporting your decision.

If this does not suffice in answering all your questions, then please contact us. We are happy to be of assistance!

  • How and when can you contact us?
    Our office is currently open daily from 8.30 am to 3.30 pm and available by telephone. If you have a request or a booking, then you are welcome to send us these by E-Mail. We will do our best to process all your requests as soon as possible.
    During the season, you can contact us by telephone also on the weekend.
  • When is the best time to make a booking?
    The earlier the better, and as always: First come, first served.
    We also expect an increased demand for domestic trips in 2021, partly still with limited capacities.

    By booking early, one can also ensure oneself of the one or the other early booker bonus and a guaranteed trouble-free booking process.

    Certain things can of course change up to the time of journey commencement, which is why we now offer a risk-free travel packagethis year.
  • What is the new risk-free travel package?
    In order to plan a care-free holiday during the pandemic, we have created a risk-free holiday package for this year, for all cycling trips marked with a button.

    By booking this service for only € 14,- per person, it is possible to cancel many cycling tours up to 14 days before arrival free of charge, and without having to give reason.

    We offer special cancellation or re-booking possibilities for some of our cycling tours. Please refer to the respective tour on our website for more details.
  • Will I have to expect limits regarding the stated services or with a change of the tour course?
    We will react promptly in the case of local travel warnings or limits in the local infrastructure (e.g.: closure of museums, cancellation of transfers,…) and will adjust the tour course accordingly.

    If we are no longer able to offer you the usual standard due to local circumstances, then we will cancel the journey. No costs will arise for you in this case, of course. You will be informed regarding this, and deposits already made can be refunded on request, changed into a voucher or converted into a different journey.

  • What cancellation- and rebooking possibilities are available in 2021?
    Just like every year, we look forward to the coming season, and hope to enable our clients a care-free cycling holiday. We are of course constantly bearing the current developments regarding the pandemic in mind, in order to react promptly in the case of possible travel warnings.

    We definitely recommend taking out our risk-free travel package on all the marked cycling tours. If you happen to have any doubts before the journey, then it is possible to make a trouble-free cancellation.

    We strive in offering all our clients the best possible solution for 2021.
    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by telephone or E-Mail.
  • Can I make a cancellation free of charge when concerned for my health?
    Your health and a care-free holiday are very important to us. We will make a careful evaluation of whether a journey can take place or not, and will also cancel this journey if necessary.

    Please do not make any hasty decisions to cancel. Even if there is a travel warning for a destination 4 months before arrival, this does not mean that it will still exist at the time of your holiday. It is only possible to make a cancellation this early if you book our risk-free-holiday package.

    Otherwise, we ask you to please wait with your cancellation until shortly before journey commencement, because otherwise the cancellation conditions according to our terms and conditions will apply. The travel warning must exist at the time of the journey to enable cancellation free of charge.