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velotours rental bikes

We provide you our perfectly maintained rental bikes. If you start your tour in Constance, there will be a personal handover of the bikes.

The bikes have 7 gears with back pedal brake or 21/24 gears with freewheel. Please note that we offer mostly unisex bikes (the same frame for ladies and men, no cross beam), but we also have some ladies and men specific bikes.

Our bikes are equipped with an one-sided saddlebag, a tool-bag, a bicycle pump and an odometer, which you have for your disposal for free. Further you get one handlebar bag per room. We provide a second saddle bag or a card holder at one’s request. 

Electric bikes
We offer new electric bicycles (freewheel). The switchable electric drive gives you a new bike feeling. Cyclists of varying fitness can book a bicycle tour togther. Climbs can be handled easily.