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Terms of Conditions

In addition to §§ 651 a ff. BGB the following terms and conditions apply:

1. Registration

1. a. With the registration, you offer us the conclusion of a travel contract on the basis of the, in this catalogue called, performance description and prices bindingly and you are bound to your offer for 14 days. The registration has to be done in writing (as well by fax or online) and it should be done on our registration form. If we offer the desired journey in a different way, we keep the new offer within reasonable bound, which you can accept , without commitment to the writing within 7 days. Anyway the travel contract comes to an agreement by our confirmation (verification per E-Mail).

1.b. The registration occurs through you for all in the registration listed participants, you take the responsibility for their contractual obligation as well as for your own commitment, if you took care of an appropriate individual obligation by explicit and individual declaration.


2. Payment of the travel fare:

2.a. With our confirmation of reservation you get the cover note of the company R+V Allgemeine Versicherung AG, Raiffeisenplatz 1, 65189 Wiesbaden, that you are, as legally required, safeguarded against insolvency of the organizer. You have to pay 20% of the contractually agreed journey price, when you get the booking confirmation.

2.b. You have to pay the balance three weeks before you start your journey. Then you get the travel documents. If the overdue payments aren’t payed or not fully payed, then we can step back from the contract and assert a cancellation fee to point 5.b., unless there’s a considerable journey defrects.


3. Services  

Our service produces out of our performance description and the general advices in the catalogue, as well as the here with reference to details of the confirmation. Subsidiary agreements (requests, agreements), which are changing the circumference of the contractual services, require our written confirmation.


4. Resignation, cancelling, services and price changes

4.a. By group travel or trips, which require a minimum number of participants, we can resign, till the 21st day before the journey starts, from the contract, if the, in the catalogue and in the confirmation called minimum number of participants, can’t be reached.


4.b. If the journey owing to the contract not predictable, force majeure complicated, endangered or disturbed, so we can as well as you quit the contract. The legal consequences produces out of the law.

4.c. Changes and differences of individual journey-services from the agreed contents of the journey-contract, which are necessary after the conclusion of the contract and not contrary to the regulations caused by us, are permissible as far as the changes or differences are reasonable for you and the overall nature of the booked journey isn’t disturbed.

4.d. We are obliged, that we inform you immediately after we took cognizance of a trip cancellation or another considerable change of an essential performance.

4.e. If there are more than 4 months in between the conclusion of the contract and the start of the journey, we are entitled that we can higher the price of the contractual price of the journey, if unexpectedly the following described elements of the price setting changes after the conclusion of the contract owing to downstream circumstances, which higher or renew the price, and isn’t defensible for us: currency exchange rate for the concerning journey, transport tariff and –prices or other official contributions like harbour- or airport charges.:

- by an on your seat connected increase, the amount of the increased price

- in other causes appropriate the additional transport-tariffs, divided through the number of the seats of the means of transport. If the at the conclusion of the contract existing official charges or other official contributions like harbour- or airport-fees increased, the contractual agreed journey price will be raised by the appropriate, proportional amount. By a change of the exchange rate after the conclusion of the contract, the contractual agreed price will be increased in the amount of the price, in which the journey becomes more expensive. We are committed, to inform you, at the latest till the 21st day before the agreed start of the journey, about a planned, legal tolerance price increase. A price increase after this time is not permissible.

4.f. Both by a price increase of more than 5 % of the contractual agreed journey price and by a considerable change of an essential service, you can step back from the contract or, by a permissible cancel of the journey through us, demand the participation on an equal journey, if we are able to offer you a journey out of our range without any additional price. You are committed to insist on your rights right after receipt of the notifications on changes. We recommend you to do this in written form.

4.g. Please notice, that the package holiday subjects to free hotel-capacity. If there’s an accommodation, in the booked category, not available and we have to book a higher or lower Category, we allow us to credit an appropriate supplementary charge or to grant you a reduction.


5. Resignation and changed booking of the client

5.a. You can resign at any time before the start of the booked journey. The resignation can occur informal, however we recommend you to explain the resignation in written form, because of the evidentiary reasons.

5.b. When you step back from the journey contract before the trip starts (cancellation), without any reason like in point 4.f., doesn’t begin the journey or declare it, there will be negotiated a general cancellation compensation, which is calculated out of following percentages of the total price per person. The proof, that there is no or a small damage created, stays you free to do so. The cancellation is

Till 28 days before journey: 20%

From the 27. day till the 14. day: 30%

From the 13. day till the 8. day: 50%

From the 7. day till the 4. Day: 70%

From the 3. day or in case of a no-show: 90%

For some tours are special terms

Travel with a business-partner

For journeys with business-partners there are partly separated terms (Cancellation, Services, etc.), which have priorities above this conditions. This are valid for following journeys:

Saale, Ilm and Unstrut (separate cancellation condition)

Till 42 days before journey: 10%

41 days till 15 days before travel beginning: 25%

14 days till 8 days before travel beginning: 50%

7 days till 2 days before travel beginning: 90%

1 days before travel beginning or in case of no-show: 90%

5.c.With individual appointments there is a minimum number of participants of 4 persons as well as individual cancellation conditions (with partner businesses are separate conditions).

5.d. For services of the journey, for which you don’t make a claim, without the case in point 4.b. or 4.f., there is no right for refund. You have to contact our head office in Constance, if you don’t take advantage of Services (E.g. termination of the journey).

5.e. The charges for a changed booking or if you don’t take advantage of the from us given, foreign flying performances direct themselves  after the condition of the current airline.

5.f. If you request changes after conclusion of the contract with regard to the travel date, the destination, the location of your start, the accommodation or the mode of transport, we are legitimated, till the 28. day before the start of the journey, to charge €55,- per booking. The proof, that there is no or a small damage created, stays you free to do so. Your right, that another person as a substitute faces for you, who stands up for your laws and duties out of the contract, isn’t affected by this. Booking changes at a later date can be made, provided that it is possible to carry out, only after cancelling the contract and then, to the cited conditions and at the same time there must be made a new registration. At journeys, which are made with a business partner (partner-tour), there are partly separate cancellation-charges or changing-fees.


6. Insurance

With the booking confirmation you get the information for the conclusion of an insurance, which can be finished on our homepage (you have to do this on your own). On our homepage are the detailed insurance-conditions, services and prices.



7.a. Our liability for the agreed services is arranged by the lawful regulation, as far as there doesn’t produces anything different, than in point 7.b. to 7.f..

7.b. Our liability by contract for damages, which aren’t body injuries, is limited to the threefold journey price, as long as the damage is neither deliberated nor reckless through us, our lawful deputy or our fulfilment commissioned caused. We are responsible for the official regulation, provided that we culpable broke an essential contract responsibility, in this case the liability for damages is limited to the threefold of the journey price, as far as the foreseeable damage climbs over journey-price, on this limitation of liability or exclusionary legally regulation, that are based on an international agreement and a go-to guy has a vocation for it, are valid for our benefits too, as far as our liability on its own is based on this, that the go-to guy is responsible for the damage.

7.c. For claim for damages out of unauthorized actions, which aren’t deliberated nor recklessly made from velotours Touistik GmbH and are no body injuries, the liability is limited to the threefold journey price. We recommend you to cover such risks through travel insurances.

7.d. If a contractual air carrier comes towards us, we are liable exclusively to the regulation of the aviation act in contact with the international agreement, especially the agreement of Warschau, Montreal and Guadalajara.

7.e. If we are only agent of the foreign services (e.g. transfer, excursion), which are explicit signed as external contribution, that you can recognize that it is not a part of the services, so we are liable for the negotiating according to the rules of the services, for the advice-, reconnaissance-, organisation-duties and not for the service provision itself.


7.f. For harms owing to loss or damage of your luggage during the luggage-transport we are only liable, if these are culpable caused by our legal agent, deputy or accomplice and we are informed immediately. The responsibility of damages on luggage, if the handle, the straps or rolls by tidy carrying or pulling owing to wear or overload break, are we generally excluding. For luggage-damage, which are made after delivery to the hotel, the hotelier is liable. 

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Printed: November 2015