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About velotours bike tours

Our sign for highest quality in own production

Our programme distinguishes through multiple journeys, which we organize on our own. This gives you the opportunity to choose out of multitude bike-tours, which services all are out of one hand. That means a trip to your personal wish.
From the regular control of our hotels to the reliable luggage transport we continuously try to make our high quality standard better. Your feedback is very important for us. The journeys from our business-partners correspond to our high-grade critics. This tours in our catalogue is signed with “velotours partnertour”.
The bikes and the equipment of this tours doesn’t comply the description of this pages. Take this and the prices of the current catalogue page. You find the exact data to the accommodations of the business-partner as well as the services at the individual trip. 

Hotels and accomodations

If delightful guesthouses outside of the pulsating city or excellent Hotels at fascinating places. In any way there are well-stocked breakfasts, with which you can start the bike-day perfectly. Choose out of different categories and spend the night in houses, which correspond to your wishes. 

The route profile - character/difficulty

If you are an unpractised cyclist or a trained amateur sportsmen. With our tours you can find the perfect journey. Beside the length of the stages, the differences in altitude are an important characteristic. We signed every route with a level of difficulty so you can estimate the difference in altitude a bit easier.

1. (symbol hiker and cyclist)

No significant ascents, suitable for unpractised cyclist/hiker and families with kids

2. (symbol hiker and cyclist)

Stages with separate ascents, still manageable for unpractised cyclists/hiker

3. (symbol hiker and cyclist)

Some hilly stages, manageable for the average trained cyclist/hiker

Our program is certainly very comprehensive. However, should you still have any wishes left, we can make you an offer regarding your wishes. Please send us your enquiry.