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Our tours are a sustainable form of travel that could hardly be more environmentally friendly or relaxing! Exploring new places, spending time outside, healthy activity in harmonic communion with nature – what more do you want?

We are all familiar with the expectations and performance pressure of today’s society. We often live only for our job. Nonetheless, every one should be able to relax once for a while. Holidays have become the most precious time of the year. We need vacations to recharge body and soul. We can do without long car or plane journeys and want to relax and enjoy our time off from the busy life!

We offer cycle tours mostly in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Poland and France. What better way to experience a country and get to know its people than by cycling through it?

Our success

Our main goal is to make our customers happy. We focus on offering the best possible quality when it comes to hotels, luggage transportation, bicycles and our partner companies. The customer is king at velotours Touristik.

We can count ourselves among the elite of bike tour operators. In the future we do not plan to rest on our laurels but further increase and improve our list of tours and destinations. Up to now our success has confirmed our company principles. By offering new and interesting trips we create an incentive for our regular clients to return and for new customers to travel with our company.