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Lake Constance Comfortable Version, 9-days
- 5 %

Lake Constance Comfortable Version, 9-day-tour

On this bicycle tour you enjoy, in addition to exciting sights, breathtaking views of the expansive water surface of Lake Constance. 

from € 617,--
Impressions of the Moselle, 5-days
- 5 %

Impressions of the Moselle, 5-day-tour

One of the most beautiful bicycle tours in Germany takes you along the Moselle cycle path and offers countless sights.

from € 347,--
Bad Tölz Rally, 7-days
- 5 %

Bad Tölz Rally, 7-day-tour

The picturesque Bad Tölz is your starting point for numerous daily outings in rural surroundings. 

from € 370,--
Bavarian Highlights, 7-days
- 5 %

Bavarian Highlights, 7-day-version

Blue and white big city flair in Munich, country idyll, beautiful lakes and high-alpine landscapes.

from € 580,--
Colmar Rally, 6-days
- 5 %

Colmar Rally, 6-day-tour

On this bicycle tour you are going to learn about culinary enjoyment and local wines in historic places.

from € 489,--
Salzburg - Vienna, 8-days
- 5 %

Salzburg – Vienna, 8-day-version

Your cycling tour leads you from the Mozart city Salzburg along the river Salzach, Inn and Danube.

from € 575,--