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Dolce Vita at lake Garda

Centre tour at lake Garda

The Lake Garda is the largest lake in Italy and is located in a beautiful Alpine scenery. You explore the Lake Garda without changing the hotel. The picturesque harbour cities and attractive outback with famous vineyards. Mediterranean climate, crystal clear water, green mountain slopes and gently breezes offers an unique natural spectacle.

Total lengh: approx. 280 kilometres cycling

Valleys of South Tyrol

Centre tour with the idyll of the alps and the mountain panorama of Bolzano

This tour offers beautiful views of the mountains, green landscapes and silent rivers. Your hotel is settled in the heart of Bolzano, surrounded by the Dolomite Alps and the vineyards. Enjoy the idyllic ambience and the luxury. Experience marvellous holidays in the most northern province of Italy.

Total lengh: approx 155 kilometres cycling

Around the Dolomites

E-Bike-tour or athletic cycle tour

The Dolomites with its unique and massive beauty is an UNESCO World Heritage Site. The mountain chain is your loyal conveniant on this roundtrip. A fantastic landscape with bizarre rock formations, crystal-clear lakes, flourishing fruit gardens and vineyards and worth seeing villages.

Total length: approx. 380 - 405 bicycle kilometres

Displaying results 1 to 3 out of 3