Journeys 9 - 16 from 28

Lake Garda Rally, 7-days

Lake Garda Rally, 7-day-tour

Experience Italy from its most beautiful side and enjoy the picturesque villages and delicious cuisine in the milde climate.

from € 550  € 499,--
Friaul Rally, 8-days

Friaul Rally, 8-day-tour

On this bicycle tour you discover the Slovenian Brda and the castles of Collio.

from € 611  € 569,--
Lübeck Rally, 6-days

Lübeck Rally, 6-day-tour

Starting from the Hanseatic city, you can experience the coast of the bay of Lübeck, the old salt road and the Plöner Lake.

from € 392  € 349,--
Elbe Rally, 6-days

Elbe Rally, 6-day-tour

The cycling tour leads from Saxon Switzerland from Bad Schandau through a true picture book landscape.

from € 469  € 423,--
Münsterland Rally Gronau-Epe, 8-days

Münsterland Rally Gronau-Epe, 8-day-tour

Combine the comfort of the 4-star hotel in Gronau-Epe with a beautiful cycling tour in probably one of the most well-known and also...

from € 475  € 371,--
Meppen Rally, 7-days

Meppen Rally, 7-day-tour

Get to know the city by the water, Meppen, better. Its lively streets combine historic as well as modern architecture.

from € 463  € 444,--
Palatinate (Pfalz) Rally, 7-days

Palatinate (Pfalz) Rally, 7-day-tour

During this cycling tour, you will travel through the second largest German wine-growing region.

from € 599  € 508,--