Journeys 65 - 72 from 102

Around Berlin, 8-days

Around Berlin, 8-day-tour

Berlin-Brandenburg boasts a unique experience of nature and exciting tales.

from € 639  € 607,--
Hase-Ems-Tour, 8-days

Hase-Ems-Tour, 8-day-tour

On this bicycle tour, marvel at the diverse variety of the sights that you are going to pass on your journey.

from € 550  € 517,--
Meppen Rally, 7-days

Meppen Rally, 7-day-tour

Get to know the city by the water, Meppen, better. Its lively streets combine historic as well as modern architecture.

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At the Oder, Neiße and Spree, 8-days

At the Oder, Neiße and Spree, 8-day-tour

Where the Lusatian Neiße and the Oder mark the border to Poland, here is where we can find Saxony's splendour and Prussia’s glory.

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Mecklenburg Lake District, 8-days

Mecklenburg Lake District, 8-day-tour

On this bicycle tour, you pass by larger and smaller lakes, historic towns and romantic villages.

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Rally Mecklenburger Lake District, 8-days

Rally Mecklenburg Lake District, 8-day-tour

During this rally, you can explore vast regions of the largest contiguous water area in central Europe. During a location change on your...

from € 499  € 474,--
Impressions of the Müritz, 6-days

Impressions of the Müritz, 6-day-tour

The tour "Impressions of the Müritz" leads you through the national park and around the largest inland lake, the Müritz.

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