Journeys 57 - 64 from 66

Spreewald Round Tour, 7-days

Spreewald Round Tour, 7-day-tour

Visit a river landscape which is one of the loveliest and also one of the modt unique nature reserves in Europe on your cycling trips.

from € 418,--
Lüneburg Heath, 8-days

Lüneburg Heath, 8-day-tour

Romantics, nature lovers and culture friends - they all love the Lüneburg Heath, as the Heath poet Hermann Löns once did!

from € 580,--
Lüneburg Round Tour, 8-days

Lüneburg Round Tour, 8-day-tour

This cycling trip leads you from Lüneburg via the Till-Eulenspiegel-city Mölln and the harbour city Hamburg back to Lüneburg.

from € 565,--
Baltic Sea and the Old Salt Route, 8-days

Baltic Sea and the Old Salt Route, 8-day-tour

Travelling along the Baltic Sea coast cycle path, this bicycle tour leads you from the hanseatic city Lübeck to the Hanseatic city Wismar...

from € 549,--
Baltic Sea Islands, 8-days

Baltic Sea Islands, 8-day-tour

Experience Germany's largest island on your bike! Be enchanted by the cliffs of the Jasmund with the chalk cliffs, the surf of the Kap...

from € 631,--
IJsselmeer Round Tour, 7-days

IJsselmeer Round Tour, 7-day-version

During this cycling holidayin Holland, you can experience a combination of fascinating culture and charming waters, which distinguish the...

from € 495,--