Journeys 41 - 48 from 65

Bavarian Highlights, 9-days

Bavarian Highlights, 9-day-version

Blue and white big city flair in Munich, country idyll, beautiful lakes and high-alpine landscapes.

from € 730,--
Benedict Cycle Path, 7-days

Benedict Cycle Path, 7-day-version

This cycling trip leads you through the area between the rivers Inn and Salzach and lake Chiemsee.

from € 490,--
Cyclist’s paradise Chiemgau, 8-days

Cyclist’s paradise Chiemgau, 8-day-tour

Perhaps the most beautiful spot in Bavaria. You will soon see why the Chiemgau is also called „Bavaria’s smile“.

from € 590,--
Tauern Round Trip, 7-days

Tauern Round Trip, 7-day-tour

Sights worth seeing and natural spectacles make cycling on the Tauern cycle path truly enjoyable.

from € 450,--