Journeys 9 - 16 from 54

Island Hiking North Friesland, 8-days

Island Hiking North Friesland, 8-day-tour

Cycle along the breathtaking island and coastal landscape but also explore germany's most beautiful region by ship.

from € 645,--
Around the Dolomites, 8-days

Around the Dolomites, 8-day-tour

Experience the beauty of the Dolomite Alps and their diverse landscapes up close on this bicycle tour.

from € 699,--
Hase-Ems-Tour, 8-days

Hase-Ems-Tour, 8-day-tour

On this bicycle tour, marvel at the diverse variety of the sights that you are going to pass on your journey.

from € 517,--
Along the Saale, Ilm and Unstrut, 7-days

Along the Saale, Ilm and Unstrut, 7-day-tour

This bicycle tour leads you, on the tracks of poets and thinkers, past breathtaking sights and traditional wine-growing region.

from € 503,--
On the trails of the Vikings, 8-days

On the trails of the Vikings, 8-day-tour

On this bicycle tour you will be continuously accompanied by the sound of the sea and the rivers while you explore the Viking's trade...

from € 579,--
Around Berlin, 8-days

Around Berlin, 8-day-tour

Berlin-Brandenburg boasts a unique experience of nature and exciting tales.

from € 607,--