Cycling holiday & cycling toursin Austria, Germany and Europe

velotours Touristik has been on the market for 38 years and is the most experienced cycling trip planner in Germany. This decade-long passion for cycling trips flows in our daily work, in organising and making your holiday the most wonderful time of the year.

In collaboration with our partners, hoteliers and within our team, quality is of great value to us. We set ourselves this standard anew each day, which results in high quality cycling tours in Austria, Germany and Europe as well as the recommendations of our satisfied guests.

Trips of a lifetime with many benefits

Your benefits at velotours Touristik

  • Over 38 years of experience, which made us a specialist for bicycle tours
  • Capable team, personal consulting from the planing to the booking and best care during the tour
  • Regular guests, who like to travel with us repeatedly
  • Outdoor exercise, relaxation and special quality
  • Joy of the movement, direct proximity to nature and locals and a behind-the-scenes glimpse on-site
  • Trusting partnership with selected accommodations
  • Reliable and safe luggage transport from hotel to hotel
  • Give recovery and memories